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Bad Cop, No Donut!

Several years ago we started a segment on The Bitter End called Bad Cop, No Donut. The segment, which examines police misconduct in the North American context, focusses on specific incidents involving brutality, racism, corruption and lies. There is no shortage of material, as you will see below.

Bad Cop, No Donut has become such a popular segment that we now have an annual show devoted entirely to examining the roll of the police in our society. We call it The Bitter End's Annual Holiday Tribute to the Police (Not The Band). This special program airs on the Wednesday closest to Christmas. That way we have something to look forward to too.

The best way to fight the police is to know as much as you can about how they operate. We have provided some links below to give you some background information about modern policing in North America. Below that is an ever growing list of articles which we have used as source material for the show. Feel free to email us anything you come across.


Michael Parenti: Lazy Law and Social Control - MP3 (9.33MB) - Download - Play

Willbur Miller: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: POLICING AMERICA (law enforcement in a historical context)

Neil Richard Corcoran: Mob Rule Is Not Anarchism

Anarchist FAQ: What about crime?

Policing Issues Affecting Racial Minorities, and Social Political and Economically Disadvantaged Persons in Toronto

Toronto Star Race And Crime Series

Police Misconduct, Brutality and Use of Force in Canada - 2001 - 2000 - 1995-99 - 1978-94


This Week

New police act charges laid


Police brutality during melee outside concert

Debate over Tasers grows

Durham officers facing new probe

Police brutality lawsuit ends with settlement

Jury to get case of man claiming police brutality

Police brutality investigation

Minneapolis To Pay Nearly $1 Million To Settle Police Brutality Lawsuit

Civil rights case alleges brutality

Activists Protest After Police Taser Gun Incident

Video Shows Police Hitting Suspect After Pursuit

Wilson's death was accidental: coroner

Jackson Residents Allege Police Brutality

Police Brutality Suit

Woman seeks $1M from ex-friends

Man is shot dead, officer hit in park

Memorial Service Remembers Man Who Died In Police Custody

Police Brutality Activist Dies in Police Custody

Constable faces assault charge

Motorcyclist killed in police chase

Cop recounts 'scary' drunken fracas

Acquittals don't alter doubts on city's cops

Teenagers' arrests lead to filing of complaint

Man Alleges Police Brutality, False Arrest

Police shoot teen during street fight

Boxer awaits judge's verdict

Burglary suspect claims police brutality

Toronto police officer charged in assault

Alleged Police Brutality Surfaces

Homewood Police Accused Of Brutality

Civil brutality suit against police settled

Mobsters brag of officer in pocket

Scandal rocks police union

4 officers facing criminal charges

Disciplinary Action Taken In Police Brutality Case

Allegations of Police Brutality

Neighbors: Arrest was police brutality

Chief vows sweeping changes to force

Drug Courier Pleads Guilty In NYC Police Corruption Case

Charges expected in Toronto police scandal

Police brutality case ends in settlement

Turney suspension fires a community wary of the police

Oakland police accused of violence against activists

Police face further racist allegations

Look at police brutality’s history